Sunday, December 14, 2008

12.6.2008 Ski Trip

Peace. Love. Alpine powder.

The water bottle attached to my backpack somehow partially froze? Delicious wasser.

I would say this typifies the whole trip.

Sunset in the Alps. Best thing.

This was taken while moving, amazing, I know, we were on the tow rope, and it was so high tech--you sat on a little rod thing and it pulled you up!
Double trouble.

The group. Awe.

I figured that since it is now snowing in Utah, it is appropriate to post these pictures of our ski time last weekend.

We got a great student discount (being a student here rocks, museums, shows, galleries, movies, transportation, essen...most everything comes at a reduced rates with student id!) for the bus to the resort. Okay I’ll tell you. We paid €46 euro for the hour ride there, hour ride back, AND lift ticket! Can you believe that? Neither could we. So we left early morning, and got there pumped to ski. We also got great prices on our gear rental, and were off. The snow was great, and the company was better. It was so beautiful; actually—again—strangely reminiscent of Utah. What? The Alps were great. I’m thrilled to have skied down them; it is an experience I would strongly recommend to anyone with the opportunity. Enjoy the photos.

P.S. Oh, whoops, they didn’t rent gloves. We’d heard they did. So Brad, Nick, and I didn’t have gloves… all day. It was classic! Actually, it was a Christmas Miracle because my hands were strangely un-cold--unless I wiped out, then that was wet and yugh. What a funny experience though, no? No gloves in the Alpines? Yikes.


William said...

Yep Tonk , many of the dentists who are from Europe and visit Utah say how much Utah reminds them of their home countries , ) Switzerland , Germany , Austria , etc). I've also heard form many of these same people that the snow is actually BETTER here ion Utah ! I guess the " Greatest snow on Earth " slogan is really true?! Looks fun though. Too bad about the gloves . Hate to remind you, but we tried to buy you some while were with you in Vienna. Hmm. THX,W

aly said...

remember when we used to ski together! oh the good old times! :) we should do it again when you return! hope you are having a blast!

Jana Sohm said...

Tawny Christensen!! How are you? I found your blog the strangest way.. I actually googled myself, and I clicked on a link, and waalaa. It took me to your site!! So where are you? and what are you doing? I imagine somewhere in Europe, going to school?

We are actually getting ready for Utah's Junior Miss. It is in a week and 1/2. Things are going well!! I hope you are having fun! Your pictures are darling!!! Drop me a line!

-Jana Sohm