Tuesday, April 10, 2012

oh, gcon.

"For the next six months your conference edition of the Ensign should stand next to your standard works and be referred to frequently. As my dear friend and brother [President] Harold B. Lee said, 'We should let these conference addresses be the guide to our walk and talk during the next months. These are the important matters the Lord sees fit to reveal to this people in this day.'"
-Ezra TB (Ensign, May 1988, p. 84)

"He knows why he inspired the other bretheren who have talked in this conference to say what they have said. It is our high privilege to hear, through these men, what the Lord would say if he were here. If we do not agree with what they say, it is because we are out of harmony with the Spirit of the Lord."
-Marion G. Romney (October 1950, pp. 126-27)

"We have heard enough already, that if we can just remember half of what we have heard and take it back to our stakes and wards, they will be enriched because of these conference sessions."
-Legrand Richards (April 1945)

"No text nor volume outside of the standard works of the Church should have such a prominent place on your personal library shelves, not because of their rhetorical excellence, nor the elecquence of delivery, but for the conent which points the way to eternal life."
-Spencer W. Kimball (Teachings of SWK 68-05)


Conference. Holy cow. I know. It was a spiritual blast for everyone within earshot.

Awhile back bro requested that we go to conference for a reunion when he got back. And so we did! We went up the Saturday night, slept (actually not), and attended the Sunday morning session. SO POWERFUL. It was amazing!

I just feel so grateful to be a part of the restored church--everything is so clear and fits together perfectly. I went into this years' round of conference supposing that every speaker was speaking directly to me, and trying to pay attention to my feelings and specific goals I needed to make or actions I needed to make. I marked actions with an arrow, and it's been so neat to go back and see all those little arrows and know the Lord blessed me with ideas of things to do to draw closer to Him and His Son. It's true. The church is true. I know it!

My boss sent me this clip and I've just been loving it. Who doesn't love Elder Holland? But Elder Holland throwing down? A personal favorite from conference: "Don't delay. It's getting late. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." BOOM! ha ha we rewound that part. Holy powerhouse. He doesn't worry about just saying it like it is. So watch him just go al grano at Harvard. he's so concise in developing "our most distinguishing feature in our faith"!

"That is our first testimony, of Jesus Christ as the literal son of God, of the merciful and redeeming gospel He brought from the Father to earth to share with all of God's children, and the church Christ established to be the vehicle for communicating those truths and those ordinances.

"But our next testimony is that after Christ's ascension, and with the death of those early apostles, the church and its divinely ordained succession of priesthood authority was lost, taken, removed from the earth. So when ensued what a millennium and a half of opposing Paul's hope that there would be a unity of the faith and a knowledge of the Son of God.

"What brings me to you today is not a message of reformation but of restoration. The restoration of that church Christ established by His hand in that meridian of time, and which He has reestablished by His hand in the present time."

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