Thursday, April 26, 2012

in my ear

i have a problem.

lately... i've been really struggling with words. what? words?! i thought that was! ha. guess not.

i'm sorry. 

it's been the worst. i'm the worst. i apologize to all those who have been victims of my horrible lack of communication and my complete inability to express myself when i actually do put forth the effort. whoops.

at carrabba's, whenever we're running to the back to drop off dirty dishes, pick up bread, or grab drinks, we always yell, "corner!!" (or if you're tawny or carlos you say it "corrrrrrrrrrrrrrneeeeeeeer!" with unmistakably rolled r's.) i feel like the second after i "corner" it up, i'm back there running around with my head chopped off, singing away.

as of late--instead of coherent, well thought out, strung together words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs--this is what's been coming out of my mouth:

(thank you broseph. suuuuuuuper convertida!)

(second thanks to broseph toseph. basically i wasn't a fan of it at first because of the bass and how hardcore it sounds...but listening to it in his car with the sound booming and the air rushing through my lungs has just... ah. opened my eyeballs and eardrums.)

(and... talley. thank you for this one. i didn't like it at first but then it was somehow stuck in my head allllllllllways. so enjoy it. but hey, don't watch the video. just listen nada mas. i made that mistake and saw the first few seconds and was uuuupset. trust in me.)

and the following bon songs. well... there's no shout out to anyone for these--except youtube. and i guess talley for teaching me to utilize my resources. helloooo. i'm obsessed with these though.


so there you have it. a weak/vain/futile attempt to tell you what's up. i'm thinking about getting around to verbalizing what's on my mind, but for now.... this will suffice. 

appease your eardrums. 

words to come. 

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