Monday, December 23, 2013

keep calm and set goals

hey amigos.

it's been awhile. oh well. hey brb!

goals have been on my mind. for awhile now. formulating good goals is hard, you know? i always struggle with the dang things…just putting them into words and categories and times to follow up and who to be accountable to… you know what i'm on about. well, hermana gallardo (a missionary i met over a year ago) has come to my rescue! in her email today she straight up inspired me. look at the simplicity and power in this recent goal of hers:

be obedient like Nephi
pray like Enos
serve like King Benjamin
testify like Alma
hope like Moroni
love like Christ

there's that. happy goal setting season, all. oh, and more importantly, merry christmas!

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