Sunday, May 12, 2013

thanks to: whit. for: always looking out for me and mine.

This one's for you:

"I hope that you recognize and believe in the promises that there is a green pasture for each and every one of us. And do not be deceived into thinking that even though there are different and seemingly unfair paths in life, that in the end we all get the same pasture. Your pature will compensate for our path and my pasture will compensate for my path. Whether in this life or in the next, and it is always in both, when the Lord opens up the windows of heaven, there will be a pouring forth of blessings that directly heal and repay for every individual pain and sacrifice you are experiencing...
Whatever blessings you have gone without will be made up to you in divine and glorious fashion. 
I give you every assurance, they will be made up to you to the point where you will not be confident that God treated you fairly but embarrassed that he treated you 
-Pat Holland "The Quiet Heart"
(photo courtesy of yours truly up south fork canyon.)

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