Monday, May 13, 2013

from the modern-day Isaiah:

"can we, even in the depths of disease, tell Him anything at all about suffering?
in ways we cannot comprehend, our sicknesses and informities were borne by Him even before they were borne by us. the very weight of our combined sins caused Him to descend below all. we never have been, nor will we be, in depths such as He has known. thus His atonement made perfect His e m p a t h y and His mercy and His capacity to succor us, for which we can be everlastingly grateful as He tutors us in our trials. there was no ram in the thicket at Calvary to spare Him, this Friend of Abraham and Isaac."
-neal a maxwell, As I Am, 116-17

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marilee said...

dont mind my blog stalking, ahem, reading a post from 1203 days ago. Or the fact that I had to read this quote about -1.1 miles per hour to understand our modern-day (imagine what ancient is like for me) isaiah. but man alive. when this slow tortoise caught on, it was magical. Thanks for sharing.