Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"just slap an ending on there," i told myself. so i jumped on it, threw a conclusion on that paper, and here's my reward--a spare blogging second.

i have been quite estranged from this world. i know. i apologize. i then i take that apology back again because sometimes there's just no time.

i wanted to give a series of shout outs to my good buddy, tal-meister, whom i am soooooooo stinkin proud of. he's worked long and hard for this day to come, and come it has.

congrats my classy friend. brazil won't know what it em. march 31st can't come speedily enough.

thanks for bein there, tal. you're a good man, and a treasured amigo of mine. i want you to know how much i appreciate your
a) examp
b) testimony
c) temple time
d) humor
e) music sensibility
f) diction
g) late night bike riding ideologies
h) choice advice
i) insomnia-maniac ways "I'm going to kill a mockingbird"
j) realism and honesty
k) identity
l) refer to a-k
surrrrrrrrrre love ya, tal. way to be.

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