Sunday, December 27, 2009

the friendship tree

this is not to say we are not any of these things anymore; but, rather, that we have been forced to grow up a bit since:
we were seniors--carefree, queens of the world, free spirits, adventurous and lively. we partook of the now widely-forgotten free time on the daily.

we enjoyed wheat bread, adams and jam--toasted. we puddle jumped in the flash flood: we laid in the gutter and got stared at and splashed big time by cars. we went chalking. we took electoral signs from neighboring cities (stealing, dishonest, bad. i know now.) and stuck in them in kerry downs' front yard. we put flour all over the car and waited for baby hands to leave marks as they pushed us up the hill. we jumped in the freezing river, went streaking, rhino riding and bizzing. we slept all around orem (as in rem sleep)... soccer fields, cascade, etc. soup friday. temple thursday. brother brown. chase. siblings. friends. kneaders. kites. baths and fingernail bits. sleepovers. dance. golf. senior year. graduation. college. life.

we found this perfect tree. we climbed it and called it ours. we immortalized it all by etching our names into its thick bark. we told our english class and found out which of our classmates were truly concerned about nature--surprisingly, kerry was included. we didn't care. we loved that tree with our carved names, we loved each other, and we loved life.

sassar, you are a forever friend. although our friendship tree moments are interspersed more than an earlier era of our lives, my gratitude, appreciation and love for you is no less alive. i love you.

see ya at the friendship tree.

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