Wednesday, July 29, 2009

op: v

july july has come and gone!
i am a bit overdue in sharing the joy from a few weeks ago. 
At it again.
I was a counselor at Barbara Barrington Jones' camp for girls, Be the Best You Camp, a couple weeks ago. tm 101. My ten gals were 14 years old from all over the nation. They are some of the most amazing teens I've ever met; I was (and am) consistently astounded by their goodness, purity, and spunk. Barb talked about how each girl at camp was saved for this day because of her strength; after spending the week with my girls, I know that Barb was right on. Ah. I cannot summarize. Just looking at this picture of them below gives me goosebumps and slowing of speech. They are inspiring. Period. The week was surely more for me than for them. What angels.

We went to the soweeeeetest classes, participated in the neatest service projects, and had a grundle of fun. :) Enjoy these pictures--are these girls not gorgeous?

Top row, L-->R: Caitlin, Mikayla, Nonny, Megan, Brooke, Cady.
Bottom row, L-->R: Chantelle, Anna, Cristin, Ariana.

Princess party with Andrea!

movie night. inspirational film 101.

The final product.
Miracle 101. 
When does primary children's NOT have blankets?
Barb called to offer blankets, feeling like it was a futile proposal, only to find they were 
fresh out.
fresh out, and awfully needy.
In came 300+ girls,  fleece ready, volunteering to donate right when there was a need.

r&b and ali, some stand-up amigas.

I stepped over an air vent unknowingly, and my girls laughed laughed laughed like they had never seen something funny before. This reenactment was begged for for documentation purposes.

How generous Stampin' Up was in letting us be ultra crafty!


Our group name was Operation: Peace. We peaced it up all the time.
They were loving it.

Spa night/pj bonanza outcome. What babes.

Us in our classy oversized dress-ish things. Alliance.

Testimony night; aren't they beautiful?

The counselors. A ridiculously remarkable bunch of girls.

(Be the Best You)
that's us.
cafeteria grub.

SO RAD! Look at them! Patriotic party.

"I am born to be great, I am born to be great, I am born to be born born to be great Father Father up in Heaven, help me know from up above, I am born to be great, oh, Father, show me the Love!..."

That was a sad parting, indeed.

There you have it.

Our American Idol. 
The girls loved it. 
While they were counting up the ballots, "Simon" and... the other guy... performed. This was legitimate and it was soweet. He just rapped this rap from three words shouted out from the aud. America's got talent.

This is tragically short, but here is a brief demonstration of how rad these girls are. They're doing our swanky chant and loving every minute of it.


I look back and honestly cannot believe what a week of prayer, growth, prayer, laughter, exhaustion, prayer, insight, prayer, and enlightenment it was. Heavenly Father is so smart. He somehow knows just what we need, when we need it, and how we can learn it. 


The Casper's said...

Tawny! That looked like so much fun! I recall a while back Jesse and my mom were telling me about what you were cool and fun! p.s your writing skills are fab-tab and I love reading your blog!

Ali & Scott said...

i would have been more than willing to lend you our wiener dog shirt for your pj party. don't hesitate to ask next time! ;)

Looks like you had mucho spass!