Friday, July 3, 2009


Is an explanation necessary?

"And that's a wrap," they say. 
Goodbye, life, and mahalo to you!
After the semester in polynesia, i made use of the freedom within my reach by a solo and spontaneous drive for my first saint george slash paramount Zion's experience. Dreams. Thank you to natasha for your generous accommodations. 
Post therapeutic drive to utah valley i found myself making it again less than 24 hours later with the plentiful family to the sacred lake of powell for a dream weekend there. what a privilege! thank you, grandparents! a most memorable occasion! 
And now, on to it. 
School. Eighth consecutive semester. 9 credits. I joke with myself, "It will never end. I cannot get enough of it. Who wants to graduate anyway?" Someday it will end, though I am having too much fun enjoying the endless possibilities to learn, grow, and acquire new, insightful knowledge from such an unmatched university to dwell on the endless "credits needed" blares.
A recent, commonly-referred to favorite:
"Things will work out.
Keep trying.
Be believing.
Be happy.
Don't get discouraged.
Things will work out."
-Gordon Bitner Hinckley
Ensign, June, 1995

the comings and the goings
a whole boat load of them.

artist's touch

my heart and soul are floating in this lake.
late-night swims left me shivering but exhilarated.
thank you. 
zest is his motto.

you know what they say about dog being a man's best friend.
meet stein and steffi--recent additions to the christensen clan.

to all inquiries: yes. that is indeed an owl.

switchbacks are stairs

tender mercy tash

unbelievable vista

one-time-chaco-twinner mandi christensen (non-related relative)

rainfall was considered dangerous to some, but heavenly to me.

how dare my mother send me with these to cloud the way of our presupposed healthful ideologies.

first santa jorge experience was marked with "completion" by this addition.

good to see you again sweetness.

Dear 55-109 Naupaka Street Laie, HI, 96762, 
I will never forget you. 
I will not miss the cockroaches, spiders, sand-clogged-ankle-flooded showers,
nor the ghastly sewage explosions.
No, oh no!
I will, however, miss your panarama,
your cooler stocked with Mal's overpriced Häagen-Dazs, our frozen Oreos, 
or my "italian squash".
I will miss Ken, the semi-sightless Landlord, and his sweet family,
even the sporadic friends who forgot to implement the term "timeless" into our relationship.
The mail was slow, the AC low, the burner a-blow.
Sunday meals,
nearby baptism and bikini beaches, 
Marie, Zell, Jess, Danielle, Chris, Keola, Carla, Ariel, Natalie, Kim, Hollie, Brady many more, who made my stay here me adore!
You were good to me 55-109, Quiet House, bottom Left. I say:
"Aloha. You are my aloha. I aloha you. Aloha!"
love, tawny.

What is that 26 doing there?

Makeshift local grocer. Harmon's, I embrace your low prices.

Please, step into my office and study with me. 


Thank you, Aloha Center, for your guidance, post office, and Seasiders-- We did love your cinnamon bread!

"That's the end of that." -Logan

From a recent excursion with kp. 
I asked her what she wanted to do with our bountiful freizeit (free time), and she said she'd always wanted to write her testimony in a balloon and send it off for a soul to find. What an angel with such pure intentions! I am blessed with such great influences. thanks kels, love you!


Aimee said...

tdog. i recently conversed with aliface and she said you have a class together. i was extremely jealous. and instantly wanted to see you and hug you. she told me a brief part of your life, but i want to hear about it all from you. maybe we can get frozen yogurt sometime?

Kelsea said...

an owl! whoah. ha tawn you are the greatest. loved our balloon missionary work

Brandy,Nate and Corban said...

Oh how fun! Tawney, my long lost friend. How are you? Obviously you seem very well considering all the gorgous pictures of you. I am so glad I was able to meet such a great person and be friends for a while. Anyway, miss ya

Ali said...

i looooooooooooved this way too much. seriously. this blog post will remain unmatched for some time im sure. what was that owl? seriously? and how were you so close. always it makes me imensely happy you were wearing those tuxedo shorts again. those make me happy.

Kelli said...

You are adorable. Seriously. ANNNND you need to check my blog from like 4 posts ago because you got an awesome award. Maybe you already saw it and thought it was lame, but humor me just so I know that you know you are loved :)