Tuesday, April 7, 2009

swivel swivel swivel

my brain twirls and pivots as of late.

its as if it doesn't know exactly where it revolves from. it's just everywhere. "like a liquid."

and i love it! the sensation of feeling like i'm going to explode, self-destruct, or let out a mixed reaction of a scream/yelp/laugh (a scraulp?) are among the most prevalent symptoms of this brain swiveling motion. just thinking of my current state makes me giggle.

school is ending. swivel.
finals. swivel.
packing. swivel.
NO BLENDER. swivel!
havasu reservations. swivel.
peter week? swivel swivel!
LP. swivel and soar.
duplex. swiiiiiiiv!
jerus. swivel bam bam.

ha, who doesn't love the feeling? it's an adventure, and as g.bitner said, "the trick is to thank Him for the ride." :) 

what a blessed weekend we had, no? goodness. the church is true. hands down. don't you love trying to summarize what you felt about conference weekend? there are no words! and "it was... so great" doesn't cut it justice. each speaker was truly inspired and inspirING. this mosdef gave us each motivation to redouble our efforts in whichever stage of life we may be in, no? i love that easily inserted spanish inquiry. no? ha. 

i did find it hard to believe that six months ago i was sitting in a tiny meetinghouse at six pm watching the sunday morning session. what a blessssssssssssssssssing that time was! i love you, all my dear wien friends! there is no herz mehr full of liiiiiieb for dich than mine! six months plus plus has come and gone but the memory lives on on onnnn!

on a random note, this past sunday we watched a quick slideshow where my great grandpa was reading a story that my mom and her sibs grew up hearing from their gramma norma. it was olden style: with the bell sound in between each slide that literally made us cringe, the stationary pictures for over a minute sometimes, the voice recording... all recently put to a dvd. what a priceless thing. for sure, it was outdated, but so incredibly tender for my grandma to hear her father, and my mom, aunt, and uncles to hear their grandpa, and then reflect on beautiful times past. not only that, but i was able pause and let it sink in how neat it was for me to hear the voice of my great-grandfa. i'm learning more and more to recognize what is important to others and why. in seeing this, i am able to differentiate things of true consequence, and forge through my natural thoughts and urges. though i have a long way to go, this is such a help in providing me opportunities to see outside of my selfish self. 

we have different interests for a reason; thus, the world spins on. i am thankful for the eternal nature of the family, and the plausibility I am afforded to feel these sacred bonds and ties through varying generations. i love the Lord, and am beyond grateful for family, this the most basic unit of society.
happy day, all.


Kelsea said...

dude. you rock. i love you. and my brain swivels too. .. sometimes this swilveling will be to much and my brain will just get stuck in stickyness and in that moment i coudt def use some sweet brain WD40 to get it movin again :)

mare said...

jerus, hawaii, germs, and everywhere! look at you fly tawn. thanks for the inspiration.

Kelli said...

You'll have to translate all the swivels for me...what are you up to? havasu? peter week? jerus? Am I so lame to not know what in the world you are talking about? Fill me in! You are the cutest ever, as always. I usually don't take the time to read the long-winded blogs, but I love yours. It always makes me laugh. I love the way you write..."goodness. the church is true. hands down." Classic!

Ali said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah girl. I'm so excited you are still blogging, and that i am now going to blog. Haha. It's going to be fantastic reading of your Hawaiian blogging. YES. duplex? call me up when you have a spare moment. love.

Silvia said...

I had no idea you had a blog either! Link me: www.hourafter.blogspot.com
love ya!