Thursday, October 10, 2013

is this for real?!

meet oyuki.
one of my very very best friends in the whole wide world. 
we were compas for a bit in the mish and wow. it was a time of life-lessons learned and a ton of laughs had. i joke about her being my better half only because we're like the same person except for the fact that she's mexican and is a million times better at everything. she's incredible, seriously!
anyway. when we were companions we always talked about traveling to mexico and seeing/doing/eating this or that. it was all fiction until last week when she showed up at the mtc for an interview. :) and i died of joy!

sueño realizado! 
(dream come true!)
we went all around the city with her amig, david, and just partied. all day. best thing!
bussed to coyoacán
of course eating ice cream. piñon!
gave churos rellenos another try. still not the hugest fan, sorry!
at this sweet museum you can ride the elevator up to the lookout...
(this is the huelga--the teacher's are striking here. yikes.)
at the top!
and then we rode the blessed metro...
(she'd told me all about the crazy metro and then we were suddenly there together!)
TACOS!!! obviously!!! 
yuk talked about tacos for days. it was so fun seeing her in her element!
look at her cute pajamas. :)
this picture of us with the B is the Best (get it?) thing ever? i feel like i'm in yuki's homeland as i traipse around the benemerito/ccm/mtc. she was a student here and alllllways told me stories of the benemerito and her high school memories. it's been a tender mercy living in her zone and learning about her culture. it makes me appreciate and love her even more.
and then she left. onto her next big adventure. 
i cannot WAIT to see how her life develops. you deserve all the very best dear hermana. 
i love you! thanks for coming to visit! best thing ERRRR.

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