Thursday, September 26, 2013

george brimhall; huge baller

“You can’t tell the character of an individual by the way he does his daily work. Watch him when his work is over. See where he goes. Note the companions he seeks and the things he does when he may do as he please. Then you can tell his true character.

“Let us take the eagle, for example. This bird works as hard and as efficiently as any other animal in doing its daily work. It provides for itself and its young by the sweat of its brow, so to speak; but when its daily work is over and the eagle has time of its own to do just as it pleases, note how it spends its recreational moments. It flies in the highest realms of heaven, spreads its wings, and bathes in the upper air, for it loves the pure, clean atmosphere, and the lofty heights.

“On the other hand, let us consider the hog. This animal…provides for its young just as well as the eagle; but, when its working hours are over and it has its recreational moments, observe where it goes and what it does. The hog will seek out the muddiest hole in the pasture and will roll and soak itself in filth, for this is the thing it loves. People are either hogs or eagles in their leisure time."


Kevin and Mindy Sagers said...

I just love your blog and I love you. You're doing so many fun, exciting, awesome things. I miss you!

marilee said...

I'm for sure a pig, when it comes to food as well as leisure. LOVED THIS!