Sunday, November 15, 2009

don't go in the street if there's a car. ...well what about how fast it's going? just don't go in the street! [30 works.]

(CLT. central limit theorem.)
you know you're doing something wrong when you're finding stats humorous.

since we've last spoken...

we had a glorious Wien reu.
It was blessed and beautiful and blissful and soooo incredibly wonderful to hear everyone's good news. marriages, engagements, mission calls (the millenium will be beginning over in the germany, austria, switzerland area. seriously. tons of calls to that area). it was a great but impartial group.

alyse got married.
kels was the maid of honor and looked stuuuuuning. the wedding was a gigantic success.

yoasis reu.
i love you girls, really. i wish we could make these occurrences regular.

my grandparents and i went canning.
more like bagging--frozen raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries... ohh baby.

maken took me to a byu game. first ever.
(it's not that i've never had an offer to go, i've just never accepted. but makena looooves football and she's helping me see the light.)

we celebrated halloween around here.

(makena is hialrious.)

missing black woman shayna and fad-tastic makena at our stake dance.
jeff=ryan adams the zombie
neil's bro=star wars?
a young kyle grey=brigham young
tc=a stike all match

we went to regina...

and we loved it...
...and she soothed my eardrums, brain, and eyeballs.
? ha. somehow.

it's been good. things are good. life is just plain good.


Aimee said...

can we do another yoasis reunion the week after thanksgiving or so?

Paige Marie Tueller said...

You look beautiful, and I am glad life has been so good! And
Your hair has grown so much sinse i last saw you!

hope to see you around soon!